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Solar panels can help cool your building in the summer!  This picture shows the underside of a roof between two rows of solar panels.  The white and red spots show that the underside of the insulated roof was a whopping 90°F from the sun hitting it.  The roof to the left and right of the bright colors was covered in solar modules making the underside 20 degrees cooler.  The outside of this roof is shown below.


Lots of people ask about hail.  These are hail stones that just fell on and bounced off a roof mounted solar array at Richard’s house.  There was no damage to the solar panels and the shingle roof under the solar panels was even protected from damage too.


Here is a home in State College, PA that was already very efficient before Groundhog Solar was asked to install solar.  Now the home is also net-zero, producing all the energy they use on a yearly basis.


This is the back of the home above.  This is also one of the rare times when north-facing solar panels make sense.  To ensure the home would be net-zero, four more modules were installed on the north side.  The added cost of these four panels was proportionately less than the added energy they contribute.  Thus these four panels actually accelerate the payback of the overall system.


This array generates about 20,000 kWh/yr and only takes up an area about 35′ x 30′.

Large Array

This 17kW array can fit in many back yards.  It is 70 feet long and snow will usually slide right off the array.

Large Array

If you have a large open field, you can fit an even larger system.  This 44kW system takes up about 1/10 of an acre.


A groundmount can be made extra tall to allow for storage underneath (even parking a vehicle underneath).